Open Deeplink in iOS Programmatically, For Test Automation say

  1. Identify the UUID of your device/ simulator using
xcrun simctl list devices
xcrun simctl openurl [booted | <Your device/ Simulator UUID>] '<Deeplink URL>'For e.g.
xcrun simctl openurl booted ''
xcrun simctl openurl 81DD15309-E59D-4C37-9F35-66EEDC67C702 ''
platform: 'iOS',
waitForTimeout: 300000,
desiredCapabilities: {
deviceName: '<DEVICE_NAME>',
platformVersion: '<PLATFORM_VERSION>',
app: path.join(
udid: '<DEVICE_UUID>',
xcodeSigningId: 'iPhone Developer',
automationName: 'XCUITest',
noReset: true,
fullReset: false,
const MapDetailPage = require('../page_objects');
const MapPermissionPage = require('../page_objects');
var spawn = require('child_process').spawn;
const LOCATION = 'Townsville Queensland, Australia'
/**@type MapDetailPage */
let mapDetailPage;
Before(async function () {

spawn('xcrun', ['xctrace', 'simctl', 'openurl', ''], {
stdio: ['ignore', out, err],
detached: true

const mapPermissionPage = new MapPermissionPage();
await mapPermissionPage.heading.seeElement();
await mapPermissionPage.allowWhileUsingTheAppButton.tap();
//Initialize MapDetailPage Page
mapDetailPage = new MapDetailPage();
await mapDetailPage.heading.seeElement();
Scenario('Deeplink Test', async () => {
await mapDetailPage.searchResult.success.seeElement();



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Sandeep Dinesh

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